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I have had several serious operations, but I have never felt so confident when you operated on my head to stop the bleeding from a fall in my home. I have had about 3 or 4 CT’s and I now have no bleeding. I’ll always remember you and your staff. You made me feel very good because it turned out so well.



Brain Tumor

It has taken me a while since my craniotomy on December 16th 2013 to tell you how pleased I am with the phenomenal care I received from you and your staff. I appreciate your expertise and awesome talent in successfully removing my brain tumor. I was petrified when I first heard about my brain tumor, but your staff made me feel so confident and comfortable that you would do everything possible to completely remove the growth that did not belong in my cranium! Thank you very much for your professional, God-focused approach and for your experience and wonderful follow up to make sure I was feeling well and assure me that everything was going to be fine. After a personal call from you to let me know that my brain tumor was benign, it was clear to me, you were a very special man and what an incredible blessing to have you “lay your miracle hands” on me. May God continue to bless you, so you can help many other people in the future and extend their lives like you did for me.


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